Nidhi S. Singh

Nidhi S. Singh - PCOS EL-PFDD Moderator

Nidhi S. Singh

PCOS Club India

Event Online Moderator

Nidhi S. Singh is a dedicated patient who has taken it upon herself to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Drawing inspiration from her own challenging journey while managing PCOS, she embarked on a mission to raise awareness, educate, and provide mentorship to those grappling with this chronic condition.

Nidhi founded PCOS Club India in 2020 with a vision to shatter the stigma surrounding PCOS. Her aim was to stimulate open conversations about this condition and empower women to holistically manage their PCOS. It was her personal experience and determination that fueled the inception of this vital initiative. With PCOS, she created a specialized platform that would facilitate the diagnosis, treatment, and management of PCOS in a personalized manner, acknowledging that every person’s journey with PCOS is unique. Nidhi’s journey and her official associations with PCOS researchers worldwide have played a pivotal role in fostering trust within the PCOS community. Her tireless efforts in patient advocacy and education have made her a beacon of hope and empowerment for countless individuals dealing with PCOS in India and beyond.

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Nidhi S. Singh - PCOS EL-PFDD Moderator

Nidhi S. Singh

Event Online Moderator


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