General Information

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the PCOS Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting (PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting).

When and Where is the PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting being held?

The PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting will take place on Friday, November 3, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM EST at Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center in College Park, Maryland. The event will be hybrid, enabling participation both in-person and via an interactive live stream.

Registration opens at 9:15 AM EDT.


Is there a fee for the PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting?

No, all interested participants are welcome either in person or virtually at no cost. However, attendees wishing to attend in person will be responsible for booking their accommodations and any associated fees.

Online registration for the PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting ends on Wednesday, October, 25, 2023 (EDT).

Do I need a physical ticket for the meeting?

No, just present your photo ID at the registration desk to check in and receive your meeting materials.

In Person and Virtual Session Information

Why attend the PCOS EL-PFDD meeting?

The PCOS EL-PFDD meeting will be the only one of its kind. It is the most significant meeting on polycystic ovary syndrome to advance understanding of treatment and management for the disorder from the perspectives of those who live with the condition. The PCOS EL-PFDD meeting will provide invaluable insights on patient perspectives to the FDA, its federal partners, and other key stakeholders, including medical product developers, researchers, and healthcare providers, who will be attending the meeting in a listening capacity.

Who should attend the PCOS EL-PFDD meeting?

All PCOS patients and their supporters or caregivers, investigators, industry professionals, healthcare providers who see people with PCOS, and representatives from government agencies are encouraged to attend the PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting. You can learn more about the benefits of the PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting for various stakeholders on the Meeting Overview page.

What should I bring to the PCOS EL-PFDD meeting?

All you need to bring is a photo ID for check-in and a pen, notepad, or tablet for taking notes. The talk and panel recordings will also be made publically available.

Volunteer Opportunities

How can I volunteer to help at the PCOS EL-PFDD Meeting?

To sign up to volunteer for the PCOS Awareness Symposium, please fill out our Contact Form.


Join us as we help shape and accelerate the future of treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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